This help file explains how to create and modify the templates that Printer's Plan uses to prepare emails. The Email folder contains many samples. Please open and customize each one. To create a new template, copy and paste an existing template, then modify it. The name of the template must start with “Job”, “Cus”, or “AR”, depending on where the template will be used (Jobs, Customers or A/R sections). ====================================== To set the subject line: ====================================== Subject: Type your email subject here ====================================== To attach an existing file: ====================================== Attach: Type the full path of the file here. ====================================== To set the email text (body): ====================================== Type plain text, field names and remarks. ' Remarks, like this line, will not be included in the email. ' To type a remark, start the line with an apostrophe ('). To include a field: Copy and paste the field from the list below. Printer's Plan will replace the field names with actual data. The field names are case sensitive. ====================================== Here's a simple email text (body): ====================================== Dear , I've attached a copy of the invoice you requested. Sincerely, Tom Jones Printer's Plan 410-561-4342 ====================================== FIELDS YOU CAN USE IN JOB EMAILS ====================================== CONTACT FIELDS: <First> <Last> <Phone> <Phone2> <Cell> <Fax> <Email> <BuyerNo> <PayerNo> BILLTO FIELDS: <BilltoCompany> <BilltoAddress> <BilltoAddress2> <BilltoCity> <BilltoState> <BilltoZip> <BilltoCountry> <CusID> <GroupID> SHIP TO FIELDS: <Attention> <Company> <Address> <Address2> <City> <State> <Zip> <Country> EMPLOYEE FIELDS: <SRep> <CSR> JOB FIELDS: <JobNo> <JobTitle> <PO> <DateIn> <DateProof> <DateDue> <DateShipped> <DateReorder> <DatePayDue> <DatePaid> <TimeDue> <ProofTime> <ShipVia> <Terms> <InvoiceNote> <Subtotal> <Discount> <Shipping> <Postage> <Tax> <Total> <Latefee> <Paid> <Writeoff> <Balance> ============================================= FIELDS YOU CAN USE IN CUSTOMER and AR EMAILS ============================================= CONTACT FIELDS: <Title> <First> <Last> <Phone> <Phone2> <Cell> <Fax> <Email> EMPLOYEE FIELDS: <SRep> BILL TO FIELDS: <CusNo> <Name> <Address> <Address2> <City> <State> <Zip> <Country> <CusID> <GroupID> <CreditDue> <CreditLimit> <Terms> <Tax> PAYMENT FIELDS (in AR): <PayDate> <PayAmount> <PayType> <PayReference> <PayApplied> ====================================== FIELDS YOU CAN USE IN SHIPMENT EMAILS ====================================== CONTACT FIELDS: <Position> <Title> <First> <Last> <Phone> <Phone2> <Cell> <Fax> <ContactNo> SHIPMENT FIELDS: <ItemDes> <QtyShipped> <QtyPerBox> <Boxes> <Weight> <TotalWeight> <Tracking> <ShippedNote> <Shipped> <Received> <ShipAmt> <ShippedBy> SHIP TO FIELDS: <Attention> <Company> <Address> <Address2> <City> <State> <Zip> <Country> <Route> <Distance> <ShipNote> BILL TO FIELDS: <BilltoCompany> <BilltoAddress> <BilltoAddress2> <BilltoCity> <BilltoState> <BilltoZip> <BilltoCountry> <BuyerNo> <PayerNo> <CusID> <GroupID> EMPLOYEE FIELDS: <SRep> <CSR> JOB FIELDS: <JobNo> <JobTitle> <PO> <DateIn> <DateProof> <DateDue> <DateShipped> <DateReorder> <DatePayDue> <DatePaid> <TimeDue> <ProofTime> <ShipVia> <Terms> <InvoiceNote> <Subtotal> <Discount> <Shipping> <Postage> <Tax> <Total> <Latefee> <Paid> <Writeoff> <Balance> ====================================== FIELDS YOU CAN USE IN VENDOR EMAILS ====================================== VENDOR: <Email> <Vendors.Name> <ContactName> <Phone> <Phone2> <Fax> <Notes> JOB/ITEM/SERVICE: <JobNo> <Title> <ItemNo> <ActualQty> <ChargeQty> <TimeCost> <MatCost> <Cost> SERVICE: <CatName> <Services.Name> <Name2> <Size> <SKU> <UPC> <FSC> <UnitCost> <Unit>